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Railing: transitional design

modern forward-looking interpretation of Victorian ironwork


Garden Gate with Bottom Pintle Detail

height 12 feet

one pintle at top and two pintles at the bottom make the gate self-closing


Garden Gate



Garden Gate




Garden Gate

height 9 feet


Room Divider in Three Panels

The Mary E. Black Gallery, Halifax, NS

height 7 feet


Sample Deck Railing

height 42 inches


Fireworks Mirror-Image Sign Brackets, Halifax, NS

height 6 feet


Railing for The Marquee Club, Halifax, NS


Rockaway Restaurant Railing, Halifax, NS

height 42 inches


Rockaway Restaurant Railing, Halifax, NS



Lady Luck Gallery Railing and Detail, Halifax, NS


Stair and Balcony Railing


The Economy Shoe Shop Restaurant, Halifax, NS