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"Kingsburg", wall sculpture 36" wide

named after Kingsburg, Nova Scota  


"Clouds"                        height 5'



"Life Earth Mother"                        height 3'



Candelabra by Becky                        diameter 18"


Music stand                 height 44"



Coffee Table

height 16"



Tree with Moon

height 5 feet


"Su Asti"                        height 20"




"Implosion"                height 16"





26" long

Dragon Fireplace Set                  height 44"



Chandelier by Becky


window box brackets by Becky

fireplace set by Becky



pendant by Becky



Vase by Becky

height 14"



"Jesus"                        height 14"


"Calculated Risk"           width 30"



"Sunset"                          width 52"



"Diviner"                         height 16"



"Orchids"                         width 50"


Andirons                         height 32"

re-creation project, Fortress Louisburg, Cape Breton Island


Fireplace Grill and stand         height 26"


Sundial (with analemmatic  gnomon)                 height 36"


Adjustable Music Stand         height 55"


Nut dish, Cracker and Picks                  width 12"



Adjustable Desk Lamp                        width 20"


Spinning Wheel                                height 42"


Candlestand with Bird                   height 54"


Bowl                                                        diameter 14"


"Crucifix"                                                height 26"


Fuji Pavilion, Botanical Gardens, Montreal        10 mast capitals, max. diameter 11'