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John Little
11 Scotts Point Road
East Dover, Nova Scotia, Canada
B3Z 3V9

Born: Newark, New Jersey, USA 1943
Canadian citizen since 1978


1968 M.A. Program, Dalhousie Unversity, Halifax, Nova Scotia
1966 B.A. Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

1972 - present: full-time blacksmith/sculptor in Nova Scotia, self-taught


2008 "The Art of Collecting", Mary Black Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia

2006-2007 "UNIQUE! 30 Years of Outstanding Crafts", Canadian Museum of Civilization, Gatineau, Quebec

2006 "Did You Know...? Seldom Seen Works from the Nova Scotia Art Bank" Mary E. Black Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia

2005 "Take Another Heat" at Mary Black Gallery, Halifax, and at ArtsPlace, Annapolis Royal, part of CanIRON V International Blacksmithing Conference

2004 "Bho'n Teallach-From the Forge" Maritime Blacksmith Association exhibition, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
2002 "The Art of Worship", Mary Black Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia
2001 "Ancient Futures, The Art of the Blacksmith at the 3rd Millenium" Mary Black Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia
1999 "Far and Wide" Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia & touring
1998 "Poetry of the Vessel" Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia
1997 "Object of the Garden" Mary Black Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia
1996 "Festival of Hands" Archives of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia
1995 "North of the Border" Wiregrass Museum of Art, Dothan, Alabama, USA
1995 Summit Collection, Summit Place, G-7 Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia
1990 "The Medium is Metal: The Theme is Water" Canadian Metal Arts Guild, Halifax, Nova Scotia and touring in Canada
1987 Internationale Ausstellung "Zetigemasse Kunstschmiedearbeiten und Skulpturen," Friedrichshafen, Germany
1986 "Ecphore'86", Halifax, Nova Scotia
1984 "Works of Craft" Museum of Man, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada touring)
1984 "Ars Sacra '84" Technical University of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia
1983 "Nova Scotia Art Bank" Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nova Scotia
1982-86 "Atlantic Visions d'Atlantique" (touring)
1978 "Artisan'78" Canadian Crafts Council (Canada touring)
1977 Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. USA
1977 Museum of Contemporary Crafts, New York, NY, USA
1976 "Iron Solid/Wrought USA, Carbondale, Illinois, USA


2007 "Mouvement Tectonique" forged ironwork and musical sculptures, La Chapelle historique du Bon Pasteur, maison de la musique, Montreal (installation and performance) April 12-May 17

2007 John and Becky Little, "Forged Ironwork", Marigold Gallery, Truro, NS

1986 "John Little Forge Work" Anna Leonowens Gallery, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, Nova Scotia
1985 "Ironworks, John Little" Lunenburg Art Gallery, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
1980 "Ironwork" Fireworks Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia

SELECTED PERFORMANCES (percussive iron sculptures)

2007 "Mouvement Tectonique": 6 week exhibition opens with percussionist Pierre Tanguay playing Tectonic Shift and Little Orakulus of Venus 1, La Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur, maison de la musique, Montreal

2005 "IronSky Ensemble" in concert at St. George's Church, Halifax, Nova Scotia featuring Tectonic Shift played by Jerry Granelli

2005 Opening Ceremonies CanIRON V International Blacksmiting Conference, featuring "Tectonic Shift" played by Jerry Granelli with Jeff Reilly

2003 Sound Sculptures "Volcanus Eruptus", "Man O' War", and "Rack of Gongs" played by Jerry Granelli with Jeff Reilly at The National Gallery Great Hall as part of the Nationl Art Centre's Atlantic Scene, Ottawa

2002 "IronSky" Musical performances by Jerry Granelli, percussionist, and Jeff Reilly, bass clarinet, featuring "Volcanus Eruptus" and "Sagromides of Venus", at Festival International Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville, Quebec, and St. Mary's Art Gallery, Halifax, and 2001 at St. George's Round Church, Halifax, Nova Scotia, plus the CD, produced in East Dover and Halifax

2002 Peter Wiegold, London, England composes and guest conducts members of Symphony Nova Scotia in "Bitter Iron", a musical event featuring "Volcanus Eruptus" and other sound sculptures by John Little, with dance choreographed by Sheilagh Hunt, Dalhousie Arts Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia, part of "Out of the Forge" Festival of New Music, 2001 and the Atlantic New Dance Festival 2002

2001 CD Iron Sky Sound Track for National Film Board Genie Award winning "Westray"

2001 Sound Sculptures and IronSky CD featured in documenary film "Jerry Granelli-In the Moment"

2000 Drum Fest 2000 participant, musical performance by John Little and Jim Faraday featuring "volcanus eruptus" St. Mathews Church, Halifax, Nova Scotia

2000 "Sagromides of Venus" invited to Sound Symposium, St. John's, NFLD, played by Don Wherry with the Black Auks

1995 "Soundscapes" performance by Anthony Cox, bassist, David Friedman, vibes and marimba player, and Jerry Granelli, percussionist featuring the percussive iron sculpture "Sagromides of Venus" Atlantic Jazz festival, Halifax, Nova Scotia



2008 The Mary E. Black Gallery Sonic Gizmo, an interactive sound sculpture installed in the front courtyard of the Gallery, at the south end of the Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk

2007 Little Orakulus of Venus II completed for Ross Creek Centre for the Arts, NS

2002 and 1989 Atlantic School of theology, Halifax, NS: 3 candlestands

1996 Fuji Pavilion, Jardins Botanique, Montreal, Quebec: 11 decorative sculptures

1990 Canadian Museum of Civilization: - J. Chalmers Collection
1984, 1978 - Massey Collection, Canadian Museum of Civilization

1984-85 Fortress Louisbourg, NS: extensive re-creation ironwork
1982, 1974 Art Bank of Nova Scotia
1978 Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council Permanent Collection


2007 Little Orakulus of Venus II completed for Deborah Simmons and family, as a gift for her brother, Danny Simmons, musician (Toronto, ON)

2006 Shambhala Bell commissioned by John Leon for his 30' tower, for ceremonial use

2002 Sagromides of Venus purchased by Erin Donovan, Toronto musician and percussionist, and played in a vaiety of venues from Toronto's Harbourfront to Newfoundland's Sound Symposium, incuding performances with dancer Yvonne Ng

Derek and Jackie Oland, New Brunswick

The Late Barbara Newman, Nova Scotia

Craig Foundation, Nova Scotia

Sobey Family, Nova Scotia

Hart Massey, Ontario

Tony Saulnier



2008, 2007 Finalist for Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Arts Award (Tectonic Shift)

2008, 2007 short-listed for Portia White Prize

2007 presentation grant from NS Department of tourism, Culture and Heritage to present Tectonic Shift and other works at La Chapelle historique du Bon Pasteur in Montreal

2003 Nova Scotia Arts and Culture grant to produce large stainless steel musical sculpture-"Tectonic Shift"

2000 Best Piece Alternate Material & Best Piece Sculpture: Metal Arts Guild of Nova Scotia Exhibition and Competition, Halifax, Nova Scotia
1998 Nova Scotia Arts Council Grant: to produce musical/ percussive iron sculptures
1987 Canadian Council Visiting Artist Program: to visit blacksmith shops in Germany
1978 Canada Council Explorations Grant



2008 Paul Frehner, composer, (University of Western Ontario) continues to work with recordings of John's sound sculptures, especially Tectonic Shift, to compose a piece of music suitable for dance. Fahrettin Guven of Turkey and Cananda is working on the choreography.

2008 Paul Frehner composes 'Fuse', a piece for violin and electronics, for violinist Monica Germino. The electonics component uses samples from Tectonic Shift.

2008 John is guest instructor in blacksmithing and design at Haliburton School of the Arts, Fleming College, Haliburton, Ontario

2007 Paul Frehner composes 'Submerged Echoes', and electro-acoustic musical composition based solely on the acoustic sounds of Tectonic Shift.

2005 demonstrator of blacksmithing and design for CanIRON V (international blacksmithing conference) Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada

2004 Juror for "Iron in the Wind", exhibition by Saskatchewan chapter of the Western Canadian Blacksmiths' Guild

2004 demonstrator of blacksmithing and design at New England Blacksmiths Meeting, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

2003 Juror for Saskatchewan Craft exhibition "Dimensions", Regina, SK

2001 demonstrator of blacksmithing and design at CanIRON III (international blacksmithing conference) North Battleford, Saskatchewan

1992 consultant to Dinosaur restoration project, Museum of Natural History, NY, USA
1979 visited by Chinese Craft Delegation



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Television: CTV National (John Little 'Sound Sculptures' featuring Tectonic Shift); 2003 CBC Artspots (6); 1996: CBC "On the Road Again"

Print: Canadian

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Print: International

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