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: CBC: 2008 April and July, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1998, 1995, 1992, 1991, 1980, 1976 including Morningside with Peter Gzowski, Basic Black, and Richardson's Round-up, Sounds like Canada (featured 'Tectonic Shift' April 15, 2008) and Information Morning

Television: 2008 CTV National (John Little 'Sound Sculptures' featuring Tectonic Shift) 2003 CBC Artspots (6):; 1996: CBC "On the Road Again"

Print: Canadian
2005 "From the Forge Comes Magic" by Anna Horsnell Wade Nova Scotia Craft News

2005 "Steeling the Show" by Stephen Pedersen, The Chronicle Herald, Halifax NS

2005 "One big Tectonic Shift" by Stephen Pedersen, The Chronicle Herald Hfx

2001 "IronSky Astonishes Imagination" concert review by Stephen Pedersen, The Chronicle Herald Halifax

"Unique Sculpture Inspires Musicians" by Stephen Pedersen, The Chronicle Herald

"Wiegold pleasantly pounds out Bitter Iron at the Out of the Forge Fest" concert review by Stephen Pedersen., The Chronicle Herald

2000 "Organic Tension" Canadian Architect re Fuji Pavilion, Montreal, Quebec

1995 "Voices of Iron and Steel" by Stephen Pedersen The Mail Star

1993 "Dinosaur Smithy" by June Davidson Dalhousie, the Alumni Magazine

1986 "John Little Forge Work" review Arts Atlantic

1985 "John Little: Iron, Hand-forged", by Charmaine Gaudet Arts Atlantic


Print: International

2009 From Fire to Form, Sculpture from the Modern Blacksmith and Metalsmith by Mathew Clarke

2008 Ironwork Today 2 Inside and Out by Jeffrey B Snyder p.97-98,172-173,211

2006 Ironwork Today Inside and Out by Dona Z. Meilach front cover p. 8,12, 14,128,137, 140, 157, 201, 242

2005 Around and About: "John Little Workshop" The Anvil's Ring vol 33, no. 3

2005 Gallery: "Iron in the wind" Exhibition, Saskatchewan, The Anvil's Ring vol 33 no.3

2004 Exhibition Maritime Blacksmiths Association: 'Bho'n Teallach - From the Forge" The Anvil's Ring vol 33, no.1

1992 "Smith" in "The Talk of the Town" by Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker

1989 "A Modern Day Hephaestus" by Peter Mandel, Brown Alumni Monthly

1987 "Moderne Kunstschmiedearbeiten und Skulpturen" review, Metallhandwerk+Technik

1977 "200 Years of the Smithy's Art" New York Times